hello from Austin, Texas

Hi! I’m Kelly.

I'm a new mom, and like all parents, I sought to find thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly products that were accessible and affordable. I didn't have much luck, BUT that's where the idea for Austin Baby Collection was born. My "second child" Austin Baby Collection, is lovingly named after the city we call home. Our products are inspired by the spirit of Austin; they maximize function, they're eco-conscious, a bit whimsical, and always fun.

Our products are ideal for on-the-go parents. Like you, I want to be able to pop my child’s mealtime products in the diaper bag, throw them in the dishwasher, and know they aren’t made from harmful materials.

Life is messy and so is being a parent. My wish is that you find joy in our clean design and modern colors. We hope Austin Baby Collection aids your family in all of life's adventures like they have ours!


Our silicone is 100% food safe, BPA and PVC Free, phthalate free, and reusable.
At Austin Baby Collection, our products are designed to withstand wear and tear!


We believe color and patterns are important. Our thoughtful designs are for every home with a classic, timeless appeal.

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Silicone Bento Box - Camper Sage Green
Silicone Placement - Wildflower Ripe Peach
Silicone Placement - Wildflower Chambray Blue
Silicone Placement - Camper Sage Green
Silicone Snack Bowl - Wildflower Ripe Peach
Silicone Snack Bowl - Wildflower Chambray Blue
Silicone Snack Bowl - Camper Sage Green
Silicone Bento Box - Wildflower Ripe Peach
Silicone Bento Box - Wildflower Chambray Blue
Silicone Placement - Safari Warm Cream
Silicone Snack Bowl - Safari Warm Cream
Silicone Bento Box - Safari Warm Cream
Silicone Bento Box - Camper Violet
Silicone Placement - Camper Violet
Silicone Snack Bowl - Camper Violet
Silicone Bib - Wildflower Ripe Peach
Silicone Bib - Wildflower Chambray Blue
Silicone Bib - Safari Warm Cream
Silicone Bib - Camper Violet
Silicone Bib - Camper Sage Green
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