Pink Chicken, Then and Now

Long before the birth of Pink Chicken, founder Stacey Fraser was a little girl swirling in vintage fabrics in her grandmother’s clothing boutique. Perched in the backroom, she listened in on vendor meetings and watched in awe as her poised Mimi set the stage for her own future success in the fashion industry.

Fast forward to 2009.

After nearly 15 years in the fashion corporate world, Stacey decided to take a break and focus on her young daughter and new baby girl while living in NYC and spending summer weekends at the beach. During nap times, she would sew garments made of a multitude of patterns from bright block prints to 60’s florals. The spirit of sunny beach days and her love for vintage textiles came together to create easy and stylish pieces for the beach or dinner, for herself and her daughters.

She knew she was onto something when people stopped her in the streets and asked her where she got those happy, boho pieces. So Pink Chicken was born - of vintage roots, happy mixes of color and patterns, and most of all- the shared spirit of mothers and daughters.

Today, Pink Chicken is more than a clothing company.

It’s a joyful flock. 
Of happy and creative souls. 
Of mothers and daughters.

What We Believe In


Our sunny collection of bright block prints, vintage-inspired patterns and not-so-basic basics will have you walking on air from park to playdate, and beach to barbecue.  We believe that when children love and feel comfortable in their clothing, it boosts their confidence and sparks imagination, creativity, and joy.


While all the details make us sing, unique patterns make Pink Chicken pieces truly special.  We take inspiration from decades past and faraway places, and design *all* of our prints and patterns in-house.  With each new season, we’re happily stitching the spirit of a sunny day into every garment we make.


Did you know that for every 10 dresses sold, Pink Chicken gives one away? With your help, we’re making days brighter for children everywhere. To date, we’ve donated 20,000 pieces of clothing and counting.  We’re so thankful for the flock that helps us spread happiness wherever we go.


Your size is out of stock?  We’re on it. Not sure what your fit is?  We’ve got you. We know you’re busy, so we do whatever it takes to get exactly what you want, when you want it.  We love this special community, and we do a little happy dance while we go the extra mile for you.   


Every stitch and detail of a Pink Chicken frock is created to last for generations and transcend the trends.  Dresses transition effortlessly to tunics through your child’s growth spurts and can be passed down from child to child.  Every piece can weather the wear of playing, exploring and happy adventuring.


As mothers, we know how important it is to take care of the Earth for future generations.  It starts in our office where we've eliminated all paper and plastic as well as our retail stores where we are phasing out single use bags, and ends on your doorstep with pieces that last for years to come, delivered in 100% recycled mailers. Stay tuned for our Fall 2020 Organics line!  

At the end of the day, we’re a little vintage.
A little bohemian. Very Pink Chicken.

134 results
Ruffle Rib Tank - Brandied Apricot
Ruffle Rib Tank - Antique White
Millie Short - Jaipur Flower
Millie Short - Mini Strawberries
Ramona Top - White Eyelet
Courtina Dress - White/Navy Stripe
Emma Lou Dress - Classic Madras
Loretta Skirt - White Eyelet
Tia Dress - Cherries
Tia Dress - Cherries
From $72.00
Garden Dress - Multi Sunrise
Jade Dress - Pink Floral Block Print
Courtney Dress - Mellow Rose Stripe
Theodore Short - Classic Madras
Princess Diana Dress - Easter Baskets
Organic Steph Dress - Antique White Easter Rabbits
Organic Baby Steph Dress - Antique White Easter Rabbits
Princess Diana Bubble - Easter Baskets
Organic Romper - Antique White Easter Rabbits
Organic Tee - Antique White Easter Rabbits
Katniss Suit - Multi Squares
Katniss Suit - Blue Pine Leopard
Arden Suit - Peppermint Oversized Floral
Joy Tankini - Multi Sunrise
Joy Tankini - Mini Strawberries
Joy Tankini - Pink Dogs
Baby Joy Tankini - Multi Sunrise
Jennifer Jumper - Blue Pine Oversized Leopard
Lori 2-Piece Set - Milky Blue Gingham
Jennifer Bubble - Birthday Buddies
Jennifer Bubble - Evergreen Oversized Floral
Amelia Bubble - Multi Squares
Lori Top - Sea Pink Gingham
Lori Top - Sea Pink Gingham
From $38.40 $48.00
Danielle Dress - Blue Pine Oversized Leopard
Jennifer Dress - Birthday Buddies
Jennifer Dress - Evergreen Oversized Floral
Sold Out
Adaline Dress - Multi Quilt
Adaline Dress - Multi Quilt
From $62.40 $78.00
134 results
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