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free shipping on orders over $200!


Almost 35 years ago, Craig & Denise Leafgren met in Dallas, TX and married the following year. In 1988, they welcomed their first daughter Ashley. Kyle was born in 1991. Our family has always been a close knit family who has loved spending time together. 

In 2014, Ashley married Trey. At their wedding, Sarah was a bridesmaid and Kyle finally got the nerve up to ask for her number. From that day on, we've been loving living life and going on adventures as a family of six (and then 8 and now 10).

In 2016, Kyle and Sarah & Ashley and Trey bought houses back to back in Fort Worth complete with a fence to join their two backyards. Once they moved in, it wasn't long until they convinced Craig and Denise to move closer to them by promising they would try to provide some really cute grandkids soon.

The day that Craig & Denise moved into their new home in Roanoke, Kyle and Sarah announced that they were expecting a baby! Ashley and Trey got pregnant a few months later. Conley was born in November 2018 followed by her cousin, Collins, who was born in February 2019. The most recent additions to the family have been Knox (Kyle & Sarah's son), who was born in September 2020 & Leighton (Ashley & Trey's daughter) who was born in January 2021. We couldn't be more thankful for this multiplying family!

As a family, we love being together and through starting Collins + Conley we have learned that we truly love working together. This business is close to our hearts and was inspired by our littles. We hope you love everything as much as we do!